What to Expect When You Work with Us?

We see our role as that of a catalyst – an agent of change for people and organizations that want to break out of the status quo.

Expected Results

When you commit to working with us you can expect to see desirable and sustainable changes in your own or your organization’s performance and productivity. Engagement in the business and its tasks will be more complete, conflict will be less personal and more constructive, and results will come with a lot less struggle.

  • Find the keys to working smarter and building an effective support staff that allows you to leverage yourself, getting the important work of the business done well without having to do it all yourself.
  • Attract and retain the best employees by creating an environment that challenges them to be their best – and then helps them to meet that challenge.
  • Find your own style of leadership that is effective without requiring you to pretend to be someone else.
  • Help key employees as they join your team to exceed your expectations by supporting them with well-conceived “onboarding” services.
  • Build the organization that can turn your business ideas into real successes, creating the structures and systems within which people can execute your plans.
  • Learn to create behavioral boundaries to ensure that the conflict within your organization provides a constructive crucible for excellence rather than a disruptive distraction.
  • Become skilled at collaboration as you discover how to work effectively as a team, whether your team has project or standing responsibilities and whether its role is governance, planning or coordination.

What We Care About

Everyone brings a point of view, a philosophy, to what they do. Here are some of the beliefs that color what we do.

  • Work can propel people in the directions they choose for their lives. It can enrich and engage them and provide them great satisfaction.
  • Since we spend so much of our time and our lives working, we are well advised to design our work lives to be worthy of who we want to be, and to support our highest fulfillment.
  • The opportunities to accomplish and to lead with integrity are presented in the context of work. It is in the area of work that we find the opportunities that allow us to define our integrity.
  • The value represented by most enterprises is determined by intangible assets such as leadership, strategy and the organizational ability to execute with excellence. Current earnings are important, but often they are not the most important measure of success.
  • Real leadership is a set of competencies that can be learned and improved. It is also a role and an opportunity to have an impact. What it is not is a personality type or an honorific title.
  • Coaching makes leaders – and teams – better performers. It provides a private space in which to focus and pursue improvement without the interference of distractions and conflicting interests.

How We Aproach Client Engagements

Your goals are important to us. We commit to bring all our strengths to the table with you, whether that may mean our business leadership experience, communication skills, common sense, ability to see through complexities to the simple core, reason, passion, sense of people or sense of humor.

Every client and every engagement is unique. Yet there are certain steps that are vital in serving every client and fulfilling every engagement.

  • Understand the background or situation. Taking the small additional time needed to understand the client’s context almost always pays big dividends. More to the point, helping the client to put their issue in context often goes a long way toward setting them up to find their best solution.
  • Define the real issue at hand and focus on it. Sometimes the issue is not what it first appears to be. The value of an open mind and observant attitude is in the ability to understand the issue more deeply.
  • Conduct a thorough discovery process, helping the client not only to recognize the facts and assumptions that are relevant but also to explore potential solutions without preconceived limits.
  • Create a plan that will work. Break it into achievable steps with reasonable time parameters and milestones. Make the plan resilient by considering what could get in the way and planning to overcome it.
  • Commit to the plan and initiate its execution.

How We Are Different from Other Coaches and Consultants

Just as we all bring our own values to our work, we also bring our own unique experiences and lessons learned. Some of our own experiences and discoveries are summarized below.

  • Strong execution is the best strategy.
  • Execution depends on people and leadership.
  • The greatest value we can offer is in the process disciplines of leadership support, not in the analytical disciplines of decision support.
  • We come to the task of leadership support with background in the core strategic and financial functions of business and outstanding records of achievement in leading profit centers to perform beyond expectations.
  • We actually do know what you are facing and what it requires of you because we ourselves have been there.

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We shall never cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time.
-T.S. Eliot

Kay's sharp listening skills have enabled me to use her as an effective sounding board. She is good at helping me to broaden the spectrum of possibilities of specific situations so that I can determine the best solutions…

Throughout our relationship Kay has been instrumental in my ability to achieve success and avoid pitfalls by helping me to understand myself better and to look at challenges in different ways. Her understanding of human dynamics and of business, her ability to really listen, and her true sense of caring have made her an invaluable resource.

We are continuing our work with Kay because of the extraordinary results we have achieved. We initially contacted Kay for help in our business relationship. Through her we have been able to establish a strong partnership and solidify our company's mission which has led to great growth …

Kay has been a "sounding board" for me to work out ideas and establish priorities in my business... Our business has been changing and growing. Kay's faculty to listen and provide insightful feedback has been extremely helpful to me. Each month, Kay and I meet to discuss the issues I think are important and timely. As I tend to have too many irons in the fire, my meeting with Kay is a time for sorting things out.