What Services Are Offered by Katalyst?

The primary drivers of your business value are people and their relationships, to each other and to your organization. Katalyst offers the following services, customized to every client’s unique circumstances and needs.


Katalyst offers individual and team coaching for leaders and emerging leaders of business and professional organizations. Whether their objective is to get better results through other people or to improve their own direct value to their organizations or their clients, leaders perform better when they are coached.

Coaching is a confidential, highly personalized learning process that grows out of the partnership with the coach. It involves learning in and from the real world of one’s work. By combining a coach’s observations and capabilities with a leader’s expertise and strengths, the executive achieves better, faster and more sustainable results than could be achieved through any group training event or seminar.


Assessment Services

Katalyst offers a variety of assessment services for use in support of its clients’ goals, whether those goals concern individual professional development, teambuilding or the creation of organizational value. These services include standardized assessments, survey instruments tailored to specific clients needs, and interview processes designed and conducted to provide meaningful constructive feedback.

Bootstrap Industry Groups

Periodically Katalyst offers opportunities for leaders who share a professional or industry identity to come together for the purpose of learning from each other under the guidance and structure provided by a professional coach. These programs bring together individuals who share common challenges but whose strengths may differ and who are able to participate constructively in a cooperative learning environment with their peers.


Katalyst offers consulting services selectively to support its clients in the attainment of their individual and group goals. Generally, these consulting services entail advising on issues of strategic direction; on the design of systems, structure and processes for successful execution; or on the conduct of truly participative leadership retreats.


Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. It has in common with coaching that its effectiveness lies in the process and that the role of the mediator is goal-neutral except for the overall goal of supporting the parties in identifying and serving their own interests. Its relative low cost and short duration, as well as its track record of producing settlements, have made it the preferred alternative to litigation. Kay James is a trained mediator with experience in managing organizational conflict.


Katalyst offers experienced speakers for keynote and workshop presentations. Additionally, workshops are presented from time to time as teleclasses on topics of interest to our clients.

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Not only is there an art in knowing a thing, but also an art in teaching it.

Sometimes being so close to my circumstances, I cannot see options that are available. Kay provides the objective feedback to alert me to the possibilities that may exist…

I enjoy and value my time with Kay because I feel free to discuss the things I consider most important. She does not ever criticize or judge me or my notions, however "half-baked" they may be.

Kay serves as a guide in our meetings, somewhat like a hunting guide. She does not pick the targets nor does she aim the gun, but she does help navigate the terrain by her observations and questions.